Our Commitment to You

Your Satisfaction is our number one goal

We provide you with complete customer satisfaction through quality services at competitive prices that meet your deadline. From staffing for large Fortune 500 companies, to the small niche market business, we know that your business needs are unique and specific and often immediate. We offer a choice of staffing–from IT staffing, to contract-to hire, to permanent placement. Large or small, short-term or long-term, your projects require commitment and delivery from us. When it comes to budgets, it’s in your hands -- from choosing time-and-material project management to fixed-cost estimates. SCI is here for initial set-ups and last-minute challenges and needs; we’re a company that tailors to our customers.

Computer Systems Specialists

Reliable and Qualified Specialists at your call.

Attracting and retaining consultants who stay up with the latest computer technologies, as well as the older legacy systems, are paramount to our business. That's why we provide them with some of the best benefits and salaries in the industry.

At Solution Consultants, you'll find our specialists readily available and carefully matched to your skill requirements. Conversant in a wealth of technical skills for mainframe, client-server, PC-networks, and Internet applications, our specialists are ready to tackle your challenges.

Project Managers

Business Analysts

Software Developers

System Administrators

Help Desk Technicians

Variety of Services

We are here to manage, plan, and execute part or all of your project, including the life-cycle development of an information system...from its inception to later generations, to integration projects, and turnkey projects. We have the experience to tailor a program that's right for you.